Make room for your dreams!

I paid a visit to my favourite YouTuber Melissa Alexnadira’s new webpage where she put on resources she created for personal development. Most of her work talks about setting goals and achieving them. I very much appreciate her passion and effort, but I think not everyone can benefit from her work because most people live in a mess.

Melissa asks people to picture their perfect life and write down their life goals. Then she tells people to break the big goals into small chunks. That’s a very classical tip offered by motivation gurus. But most people, people in reality, are too BUSY. Their schedules are too busy to allow themselves enough sleep, let alone fit in a daily task that pave the way towards reaching long term goals.

I am not making excuses for people who choose to lead a busy life. What I am suggesting is, motivation gurus can perhaps start their 101 with a lesson of decluttering and downsizing. The problem with those people is that they have too many physical stuff as well as the untangible like meetings, gatherings and shopping to do. If they simplify their world by limiting what they need to get by, their schedules will then have room for new projects.


最近欣賞的Youtuber — Olivia Ren

最近Olivia Ren的視頻看得很順心。
1. 喜歡她說話認真,誠懇。雖然不似專業主持人般流暢,但她每次都有條理地分享,即時修正小錯誤也不覺得突兀。
2. 過忙碌的博士生活亦不忽略對時尚和美麗的追求,如此平衡的發展是吾一直仰慕的。
3. 從她那些水準達寫真級別的照片,猜想她有一位很欣賞她而又伴隨左右,捕捉她一顰一笑的丈夫,被愛的女人情緒特別平和。(or is it the other way round? 柔順的女人得人愛?) 吾的情緒很變幻無常,所以很是欣賞那些鬆容面對大小挑戰的女生。
4. 她很高產,熱切地分享生活的大小趣事。曾經吾也堅持天天發帖,但被一次turn down打擊而掉失了野心。






So I have downsized, why do I feel empty?

This sense of loss after some major decluttering comes from the fact that there is nothing more left to toss or donate or tidy. (This feeling is discussed in lightbycoco’s video as well.)

It’s a very common “syndrome” within the minimalist community and I want to say cheer to whoever suffering, because instead of falling back to the “comfort” offered by retail shopping and constant hauling, you opt to live with the agony and insist on finding out what you can do next.

I am no expert on this, but I guess one of the reasons for not missing an orientation in life is because you never think about what you really want to achieve and contribute to the world.

And you know what? This question has long been there — before you even started decluttering. It’s just that you didn’t get the time, space or energy to sit down and ask the question, “What is my intrinsic goal?” as you were occupied by keeping up with the trend and news.

Now that you are on a clean slate (Thanks to some serious downsizing work! Good job, by the way.), this question emerges. It’s nothing new. It’s just something you’ve never really attended to.

Don’t let this temporary emptiness fools you. It’s not that minimalism suddenly makes you a jaded person who loses his/her dream. It’s just the same feeling when we turn to page one of a new notebook.

You’ve bravely thrown away a messy notebook (your old life which is filled with bags of useless knickknacks and schedules of mindless fun). Take the next brave step by finding your life purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you have no clue how to make good use of this clean “notebook”. Get off the chair, have a taste of everything and experiment.

Embrace this emptiness and fill it up with the most meaningful activities even if you haven’t quite figured out your biggest passion. (But I’m quite sure we will find it much sooner than before as we allow less distractions in our lives.)

Mine is writing an autobiography and some personal reflections on life. What’s yours?

How to Be Neat (Quick Tips For People Who Feel Like a Mess)



1. Keep the inbox clean. How many unread e-mails are there? It is an honest reflection of how attentive you are to your life.

2. Read Konmari’s book and have a major decluttering project once and for all. Let your room breeeeeath!

3. Apply the “One In One Out” rule in all aspects of life. This is to guarantee the effort you’ve made on decluttering won’t go wasted. Remember: Say no to freebies and keep a minimal amount of possessions.


4. Have a morning and night routine so to do things on an auto-pilot mode.  You will have more autonomy to your time because you do the same things and they take roughly the same time.

5. Guard what you read and listen to. Ignore ads around you. Quit watching reality shows or dramas that complicate your mind. No tabloids. (They make you feel like you know everything. If it is your sole source of information, you are looking at this world with very narrow lens.) Go through your subscription list and unsubscribe anything that is no longer relevant. Choose calming music over pop songs.

6. Take action! Keep short to-do lists and long inventories. The undone kill a lot of brain cells.

3 Current Favourite Young Ladies on YouTube

1. Melodee Morita


— quality > quantity
One fascinating thing about this young lady is that she posted much less videos than other YouTubers who have similar view counts on their channels. Unlike some other YouTubers who earn view counts through consistent uploading, her nicely edited videos capture the hearts of viewers who come back even though she took a long hiatus. Since each time she comes back with something informative and enjoyable so it is worth the wait.
— mysterious
Even though her personal life is not very much disclosed on her twitter, Facebook page or instagram, it doesn’t affect her popularity. Given the convenience of the Internet, one can easily risk over sharing. Miss Morita has made the wise choice of not revealing too much though she may have receive more media coverage if she talks more about herself.
— consistency
The products she uses are pretty consistent. The curel exfoliating gel for example. The same handbag brand Samantha Vegas/Thavasa. I also admire the fact that she used the same Winnie the poon pounch over several years. (It was featured in her 2012 and 2014 What’s In My Bag videos.)

2. Melissa Alexandria

— short and sweet
Especially for her beginning ones, Melissa’s videos mostly are under two-mintue long. She doesn’t include anything irrelevant to the video’s title or fabricate something just for the sake of expanding the content.
— genuine
The length of her videos shows how she puts her content over her form. She is so eager to share without overthinking if her videos are “qualified” as compared with existing ones on YouTube.
— cheerful greetings
Her videos always begin with a “Hi guys! I hope you are having a great day.” and end with a “Have an awesome day.” no matter how short they are, which brighten up my day each time I watch them.

3. Coco from lightbycoco

— assertiveness
She speaks with such an assertiveness that viewers may not totally agree with her lifestyle, but are certainly convinced because she lives what she preaches.

The Messed Up Checklist

When your life is a mess, go through this checklist. Have you been…

_ eating outside alone for dinner although you have your own kitchen?
_ not exercising for over 1 week?
_ drinking less than 5 glasses of water?
_ having less than 6 hours of sleep?
_ not talking to family members for over 3 days?
_ not reading for over 1 week?
_ being addicted to at least 1 computer game?
_ spending more than 1 hour on social media (not for business purpose) in a day?
_ finding something new to watch before finishing all the downloaded shows?

No wonder you feel like a mess. You are malfunctioning!







有些人隨少女期完結,也跟著掉失這夢,沒有多少人會堅持到底,寧願說這夢不實際,隨波逐流過庸俗的一生 ── 少女時的自己很鄙視的生活方式。




1. 金錢 (前提是有技能,再前提是要學習)

2. 健康 (身 = 行動力 + (自信)心 = 持續的行動力)