Why Don’t You Eat Meat? (and other FAQs) 素食者遇到的常見問題

You are what you eat.

Whenever I am asked “Why are you a vegetarian?” at the table, I feel caught up in the moment. I mean, are you sure you want to talk about this while you’re eating meat? Won’t you take it as me preaching you as I respond to your question?

While I appreciate their inquisitions, I wish more people would understand that it is really a courtesy, especially for those who know they aren’t really open-minded enough to respect vegetarianism, to not raise that question when meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters are having meal at the same table. Nobody wants to turn a social event into a seminar. (At least I haven’t that intention.)

Here I decided to gather and give answers to all the FAQs related to my choice of being a vegetarian for my own clarity and others’ as well.

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📌Get Things Done📌(2) Surround Yourself With Positive Influence

It is undeniable we get influenced by people around us. Take my experience as an example. It typically takes me an hour to have a shower, get changed and do my makeup and hair after my yoga class. But I once completed the whole stream of actions in only 30 minutes, thanked to the other shifty ladies who hurried to get back to their offices by the end of lunch time. I am sure you can easily recall an experience similar to mine.

I knew the power of “the otherness”, and I took advantage of it by enrolling yoga classes. Yes it is much cheaper to buy a yoga mat, play a free online tutorial video and practice at home but it is much more likely that I will get myself exercising when I am in the same class with active yoga members who make more effort than I do.

Apart from the students, I also learn from the yoga teachers. 雖然深知導師們在教室外,不可能時時保持課堂上可親的姿態,但他們那維持短短一小時的溫柔語調,是讓吾心靈恢復彈性所必需的救贖,以及對「實現更理想的自己」的提示。

如果身邊暫時沒有比你優秀,或你所嚮往成為的人物,就去讀書,然後將佳句抄寫在本子上,隨時翻閱,這也在實行surrounding yourself with positive influence。

Easy and Free Beauty Tips

The prevalence of haul videos sends the wrong message that beauty must be acquired by certain products on the market. Anyone who has experienced irritation from even the high-end cosmetics will disagree such a contention. One of my few regrets is signing up for facial packages as the result is far less visible and long-lasting than a week of good night sleep.  In my opinion, beauty is a lifestyle and its foundation is having good habits. During the year 2015, I have experimented several daily routines which I find greatly rewarding to my beauty. Here is a list of my discoveries and suggestion of what you can do to replace the whole vanity of products.

  1. Replace your concealer which covers up dark circles with the habit of looking away from your smartphone/iPad/digital devices while you are on the go.
  2. Replace your slimming pills with the habit of reducing your portion size of the next meal after a big feast.
  3. Replace your gym membership with the habit of using the stairs instead of the elevators whenever you can.
  4. Replace your fancy accessories which help cover up your imperfect physique with the habit of practicing yoga.
  5. Replace your facial serum which promises bouncy skin with the habit of going to bed before midnight.
  6. Replace body massages which stimulates blood circulation with the habit of eating only room temperature food and avoiding anything steamy or icy.

How Do I Pamper Myself?

From time to time I go back to my previous blog posts so I haven’t forgotten my blog-related resolution: to blog more light-heartedly. The perfectionistic side of me holds my creativity at bay and all I have been doing over the past few months was just procrastinating. There are so much I want to share but my fear of not giving the best presentation discourages me. Today I say SCREW IT. I have the right to write even the worst piece of writing in the history of the world, don’t I? Let me resume by reporting my latest self-caring regimes.

1. SABON body lotion


I have been using it twice a day after shower for two weeks now. It is not super moisturising but it doesn’t leave the typical stickiness feeling that most body cream does. The smell is divine and makes me feel like a goddess. Definitely repurchasing.Read More »

The Benefits of Joining Yoga

I am a committed green yogi.

It has been the second month since I have picked up yoga. I think it is about time to sum up the benefits of it.

1. Yoga classrooms are always full of good-looking ladies. Even if they don’t look pretty, they look lean and slender. It gives me motivation to lose weights and be equally in shape.

2. The neighbourhood of my yoga centre is centred with commercial buildings where white collars travel between. There are also high end pubs where every time I pass by, I have to remind myself to stand tall.

3. If I have time, I will put on my yoga outfits at home under my big coat but sometimes when I am too busy to do so, I must undress in front of strangers. I feel bad whenever standing next to women with flat bellies and tighter thighs and it gives me motivation to tone up.

4. Most important of all, the prepaid yearly membership fees propels me to do yoga once time allows to do justice to the money that I have spent. What I have bought isn’t just the tuition, or the venue but a power force.

a Woman’s Waistline


I have been putting off my sharing of a Chinese anchor-turned-CEO lady whom I labelled as my role model of the month. What fascinates me about Wang Xiao is how she wrapped her macular aggression with her feminine appearance. To me, nothing is sexier than someone who acts like a lady but thinks like a man. (Yes, I am aware that it is a book title and no, I wasn’t intended to advertise.) The first five minutes of her interview on YouTube has easily captivated me, giving me an instant surge of motivation to greater pursuit in life — exactly what the deflated and jaded me needed. I got up and started outlining new plans and engaging in new projects being in her workaholic mode, and finally had the time to turn my appreciation into words three weeks afterwards.


But I didn’t take her words blindly. When I watched another video of her TV appearance last night, there was one saying of hers that I couldn’t agree with entirely — a waist is the watershed of a maiden and a mum. I would perhaps fall for that, or being more politically correct I should say, concur with that idea a few years ago but not today. There have been enough beauty inspirations circulating on the media that got me into thinking the importance of looking fabulous. I am not despising the fashion and beauty industry. To be honest, I am one of those anti-aging practisers who try every mean to stay as young as long as I can afford to, time-wise and money-wise. But then, does it mean that beauty is the highest value to be found in a woman? While maidens may want to print Wang’s saying onto a bumper sticker, mothers may just laugh it off as they have better things to do in life than to spend hours in the closet gathering the perfect outfits.


When I was younger, I used to take whatever advice from anyone of higher social status, but not anymore as the more quotes that I have collected, the more I realise how differently the “right way” can be according to two equally smart people. There was a period of time in my life that I was obsessed with books written by entrepreneurs or successfully people likewise but I was reminded twice (by my lecturer and one of my very outstanding course mates) that those are their own ways of living which can be followed but can’t guarantee the same results as one’s conditions can’t be held constant like what it is in the laboratory. “A life manual” or “The guide to life” can exist at most as a book title, not in real life. I have always believed in that what an individual can serve her decadents most is to figure out what works best for her. On second thought, I am the one who do the talking and the walking but all don’t really matter if they take different paths.

Green Is My Color Of The Year

Growing up as a girly girl, I have never really liked the colour green. Even the colour pink, which is probably my least favourite colour, has once been a preference. What’s wrong with things in green though? Perhaps it’s its neutrality of gender that I don’t like about it. It strengthens neither the manly or womanly quality in a person as an outfit to put on, and as a sexist, I take it as a dysfunctional colour.

Life is run by tests after tests. The longer I live, the more I notice the constant challenges that life throws at us. It is as if the purpose of living is to get used to the things that we hate. Like the nosy people with whom I am forced to live and the worldly expectations that have to be accounted for one’s abstinence from if not being lived up to,  the colour green has shown up more often in my life, asking for my acceptance. The dress, the purse, the yoga outfits and the fruit (avocado) that I love most are, as found out later, all in green! I don’t know how it works but it has definitely got to my subconscious mind, when I found myself sticking to a green phone accessory for no apparent reason while I have three others in pink, orange and yellow. (Well, it actually has to do with the astrology advice which claims better interpersonal relationships powered by the colour green.) I also have been actively looking for green blouses as my skin looks seemingly brighter in them. Coincidentally or not, it is stated in the January issue of Voce magazine that 2014 is the year of Jupiter and that GREEN is the lucky colour — that makes perfect sense to incorporate it avariciously in daily life!