The One Book That Led Me To Vegetarianism — Skinny Bitch

One of the hardest thing about being a vegetarian in Hong Kong is that you got commented a lot. Many of them are well meaning, but most of them are irrelevant.

I got asked in the lavatory, in a salon, over dinner at family gathering, just all these random places when I reveal myself as not eating meat that, “Are you getting enough nutrients?” And you know what? Those people are eating processed food made of high fructose corn syrup, canola oil and all those weird stuff that they don’t know about. I mean, they are eating ham AND bacon AND SAUSAGES and they are telling me to be more healthy? Are you flipping serious?

I really wish I could spoonfeed them with some nutritional facts but since I couldn’t, I really hope everyone will grab a copy of Skinny Bitch. Brutal slaughter house exposed videos were convincing enough, but this book brought me some hard core food industry stories that truly compelled me to give up meat and processed food. So check that out. Even Victoria Beckham read it. Educate yourself people, and stop being misled by the misinformation around us and disinformation that big corporates want us to believe.

My Little Thought on the Hungry Lips YouTube Channel

I don’t do what she does, but the beautiful thing about life is, there is always someone who does something you aren’t willing to do and show you how much fun it can be, and you can, in a way, enjoy the fun of it by being an onlooker without making any effort, paying the price or bearing the risk. So please shut up and appreciate what she does for people.

Having said that though, I don’t recommend this channel because I don’t want her subscription to go up. Yes, she may help people to fight insomnia, but in the long run, those people are relying too much on soft-core porno ASMR. Once an addiction is developed, it is not a healthy practice.

(I also wrote a commentary on the Hungry Lips YouTube channel in Chinese.)

The Messed Up Checklist

When your life is a mess, go through this checklist. Have you been…

_ eating outside alone for dinner although you have your own kitchen?
_ not exercising for over 1 week?
_ drinking less than 5 glasses of water?
_ having less than 6 hours of sleep?
_ not talking to family members for over 3 days?
_ not reading for over 1 week?
_ being addicted to at least 1 computer game?
_ spending more than 1 hour on social media (not for business purpose) in a day?
_ finding something new to watch before finishing all the downloaded shows?

No wonder you feel like a mess. You are malfunctioning!

Why Don’t You Eat Meat? (and other FAQs) 素食者遇到的常見問題

You are what you eat.

Whenever I am asked “Why are you a vegetarian?” at the table, I feel caught up in the moment. I mean, are you sure you want to talk about this while you’re eating meat? Won’t you take it as me preaching you as I respond to your question?

While I appreciate their inquisitions, I wish more people would understand that it is really a courtesy, especially for those who know they aren’t really open-minded enough to respect vegetarianism, to not raise that question when meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters are having meal at the same table. Nobody wants to turn a social event into a seminar. (At least I haven’t that intention.)

Here I decided to gather and give answers to all the FAQs related to my choice of being a vegetarian for my own clarity and others’ as well.

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📌Get Things Done📌(2) Surround Yourself With Positive Influence

It is undeniable we get influenced by people around us. Take my experience as an example. It typically takes me an hour to have a shower, get changed and do my makeup and hair after my yoga class. But I once completed the whole stream of actions in only 30 minutes, thanked to the other shifty ladies who hurried to get back to their offices by the end of lunch time. I am sure you can easily recall an experience similar to mine.

I knew the power of “the otherness”, and I took advantage of it by enrolling yoga classes. Yes it is much cheaper to buy a yoga mat, play a free online tutorial video and practice at home but it is much more likely that I will get myself exercising when I am in the same class with active yoga members who make more effort than I do.

Apart from the students, I also learn from the yoga teachers. 雖然深知導師們在教室外,不可能時時保持課堂上可親的姿態,但他們那維持短短一小時的溫柔語調,是讓吾心靈恢復彈性所必需的救贖,以及對「實現更理想的自己」的提示。

如果身邊暫時沒有比你優秀,或你所嚮往成為的人物,就去讀書,然後將佳句抄寫在本子上,隨時翻閱,這也在實行surrounding yourself with positive influence。

How Do I Pamper Myself?

From time to time I go back to my previous blog posts so I haven’t forgotten my blog-related resolution: to blog more light-heartedly. The perfectionistic side of me holds my creativity at bay and all I have been doing over the past few months was just procrastinating. There are so much I want to share but my fear of not giving the best presentation discourages me. Today I say SCREW IT. I have the right to write even the worst piece of writing in the history of the world, don’t I? Let me resume by reporting my latest self-caring regimes.

1. SABON body lotion


I have been using it twice a day after shower for two weeks now. It is not super moisturising but it doesn’t leave the typical stickiness feeling that most body cream does. The smell is divine and makes me feel like a goddess. Definitely repurchasing.Read More »

I Have Been a Bad Vegetarian

I started vegetarianism in 2011 after the catastrophic tsunami in Japan. Frankly, it was mostly out of my belief that 2012 would be the golden chance to enhance my spiritual level so I refrained from any activities that associate with animal killing.

The first most significant change was feeling so much lighter in the heart and more forgiving. But in recent months, my acnes problems forced me to evaluate my vegetarian path. I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with vegetarianism itself. It has to be me.

Thanks to the food diary I have been taking since 2014 March, I am able to trace my mistakes: I have been eating too much pre-packaged food like crackers and non-vegan dairy like ice-cream. I also had a heavy dosage of caffeine and sugar throughout the day.

By identifying my wrong choices of food, I am able to eliminate them from my meals. I am glad that I keep a food journal.