If You Live Right, You’ll Have Time to Write

Every time I stumbled upon blogs which are updated frequently, I wonder, “How can they have such an ample amount of time?”

Then I study successful people, living and dead, whose productivity has made huge contribution to their own domain and discover the one trait in each of them: they spend significantly less time on entertainment than regular people.

While most people sleep in, shop online, play games, chit chat, watch flick and so, those who take their projects seriously fill their schedules first with the progress goals so there is no way for distractions to squeeze in.

As I came across with the idea of minimalism, it dawned do me that my convoluted writing could be a reflection of my life! There were too many things that seemed fun but didn’t really give me any joy eventually that stole away my time to live my life to its fullest and share my story with the world.

Then I started re-prioritizing. I crossed out activities that didn’t contribute to my long-term goal and built up a strong foundation that’s favourable to my writing (like going to bed early, doing yoga and eating right).

I started this year with two calendars, one to mark the chain actions of writing and one for yoga practice. It was until the 4th/5th month I noticed a co-relation: The day I went to a yoga class and got my blood circulation going instead of sitting there watching entertainment news and coveting was usually the day I wrote too.

So my answer to the earlier question is: They have time to write because they are living right.


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